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1985 Maxon AD-01 Analog Delay Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal, Ibanez


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Up for sale, a 1985 Maxon AD-01 Analog Delay in perfect working order. Maxon was the premier pedal and pickup manufacturer for Ibanez and Greco during the golden age of Japanese guitar and pedal production, and Maxon's own “01” line of pedals was made exclusively for the Japanese domestic market.

This analog delay features a JRC 4558D op amp with a date code from 1985, and controls include Delay Time, Repeat, and Delay Level knobs. The AD-01 can produce 20 to 300 milliseconds of delay, and easily get into feedback-y, self-oscillating weirdness with the Repeat knob dialed up.

The 01 series pedals are built like tanks, and this AD-01 sports a pink metallic finish on its rugged enclosure, with various scuffs and chips. The original trio of knobs are intact and the graphics are pristine, with the silver foil label intact on the back.