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1984 Rhodes Mark V Vintage Electric Piano, Fully Serviced w/ Lid & Sustain Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1984 Rhodes Mark V Stage 73 electric piano in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Recently thoroughly serviced, this 73 key Rhodes was produced in small quantities from 1984-85, representing the pinnacle of Rhodes action, with an unparalleled dynamic responsiveness. The brainchild of Rhodes head engineer Steve Woodyard and design engineer Mike Peterson, the Mark V tone and dynamics became synonymous with Chick Corea, an early champion of the design.

The tone and feel of the Mark V pianos is a singular Rhodes experience, and the action included a welcome return to all wooden keys (after the plastic action of the Mk IIs). Revamped dampers allow the tines to ring more freely, achieving a more bell-like response. The piano benefits from all new hammer tips, and this Mark V has been professionally voiced, with smooth transitions from the lower, growly bass octaves to the chiming notes in the highest registers. Complex chord voicings are clear and balanced, and the low end ranges from mellow, round bass notes with a soft touch to the famous Rhodes growl when digging in. The action is extremely smooth and consistent, with a quick and responsive feel. The original key bushings are in excellent shape, the original grommets are all viable, and only a few damper felts warranted replacement.

The harp itself retains the original pickups, tonebars and tines. On the harp, the Rhodes serialized label is intact, and the harp retains its date stamp from the 23rd week of '84. The wiring harness is original as well, with visible date codes on the CTS pots from the 12th week of '84. The faceplate features the original pair of knobs.

The molded plastic enclosure on the Mark V is notably more lightweight than previous iterations, while remaining robust for gigging use with thick aluminum trim and the included latching cover which can also hold the sustain pedal and rod. This reengineered enclosure is roughly 30lbs lighter than a Mk 1 and about 50lbs lighter than a Mk II.

The harp cover is in great shape, with only some minor scuffing, while the molded latching lid shows more wear while still being structurally sound. As there is only one original latch present, the lid would benefit from additional latches for gigging purposes.