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1984 Fender '72 Telecaster TL72-55 Butterscotch, Keith Richards Micawber Mods, Japan MIJ Fujigen


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Up for sale, a 1984 Fender Telecaster '72 vintage reissue model TL72-55 in perfect working order. A very early Fender Japan model with an SQ-prefix serial number on the neck plate, this Telecaster has been given the full Keith Richards "Micawber" treatment including a brass bridge, Dimarzio PAF in the neck position (naturally with reversed pole piece orientation) framed by a Gibson-style pickup ring, flat-pole bridge pickup, white Strat-style switch tip, and tuning machines with buttons that closely resemble the Sperzels Keith had installed in the '80s. Easily delivering a range of Keef's cutting, powerful tones, this Tele weighs 8lbs 9oz with a solid ash body that has plenty of punch and sustain, balanced by the snappy note attack and clarity afforded the maple neck. We've dialed in this Micawber here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with low action, solid intonation, and fresh 10-46 strings.

The neck has a medium C-shaped profile carve with generous shoulder and ideal substance, measuring .840" deep at the 1st fret, graduating to .960" at the 12th. The original slender vintage-style frets have their full factory height, with moderate uniform wear beneath the strings on the crowns of frets 1-3, with wear extending beneath the plain strings until fret 9. The guitar plays well in all registers and conforms to traditional Fender specs with a 7 1/4" fretboard radius and 25 1/2" scale. The original nut measures 42mm (1.650") in width, and the headstock is fitted with original sealed back Gotoh chrome tuners that turn smoothly and hold pitch as they should. The "Made in Japan" text is present above the serialized neck plate which has the early SQ prefix only used from 1983-84.

All of the electronics work as intended, and the articulate and rich Dimarzio PAF humbucker meters at 7.4k ohms, pairing very well with the flat-pole bridge position single coil. The original full-size pots date to February of 1984, and the neck pickup cavity was routed to accommodate the humbucker. The brass bridge plate and saddles show only very light surface patina, and the bridge is currently fitted with five saddles in keeping with Keef's instrument (the 6th saddle is also included and can be installed at the buyer's discretion prior to shipping). The Butterscotch gloss finish is accented by the original single-ply pickguard which shows prominent strum wear across the pick path, There is notable finish scuffing on the lower bout on the back, and various dings and finish chips on the body perimeter and to a lesser extent extending to the top and back. The gloss finish is smooth on the neck profile with just a few minor marks on the profile length.

The original early Fender Japan brown faux leather gigbag with large logo on the pocket is included.