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1984 Boss CE-3 Chorus Ensemble Stereo Vintage Guitar Effect Pedal w/ Box, Green Label Japan


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Up for sale, a 1984 Boss CE-3 Chorus Ensemble in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box. Released in the early '80s and touted as a stereo version of the popular CE-2, this pedal delivers lush classic chorus tones that edge towards the sparkly hi-fi side of things, with controls for Depth and Rate, as well as a control that lets you select how you want the chorus effect spread across the stereo field.

This particular pedal is a "Green Label" version, manufactured in Japan and prized for its high quality construction and tone. Plugged in, this pedal delivers everything you'd want from a classic Boss chorus pedal, from slow three-dimensional swirl to quick rotary-like sounds which recall a Univibe.

There's barely a mark on the enclosure, the graphics are pristine, and the pedal retains the original knob set. The serial number sticker is intact in the battery compartment, dating the pedal to October, 1984, and the green foil label is present on the bottom.

The original box is included.