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1982 Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal Black Label, 3205 BBD


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Up for sale, a 1982 Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay in 100% original condition and in perfect working order. This iconic analog delay is a first-year model, and the AD9 was initially offered between 1982-84, quickly becoming a mainstay on pedalboards worldwide thanks to its lush, detailed repeats and crisp hi-fi quality.

This early AD9 pedal boasts its original MN3205 "bucket brigade" delay chip, and the circuit is 100% original and untouched with electrolytic capacitors that date to 1982. The Ibanez AD9 uses a compander with pre- and de-emphasis for an exceptionally clean delay. Time and level controls allow mixing between dry and delayed signals, and repeat control lets you adjust the number of repeats without runaway. Two outputs enable dry and delayed signals to be routed separately.

The enclosure shows its fair share of wear on the edges, with the original trio of knobs intact and a very clean black foil label on the back of the enclosure.