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1983 Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Black Label Japan w/ JRC4558D Chip


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Up for sale, a 1983 Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive in exceptional condition, complete with the original box and all paperwork. The SD-1 Super Overdrive produces the warm, natural distortion of an overdriven tube amplifier while maintaining the subtle nuances of a player's picking technique. This is one of Boss’ more responsive, dynamic, and smooth-sounding overdrives and also one of its earliest pedals, perfect for natural tube-like growl. Controls include Level, Drive, and Tone.

At the heart of this early version of the SD-1 is the same JRC4558D chip used to create the classic textures of the Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer. In the SD-1 circuit, the chip offers a more balanced midrange and more grit.

The enclosure retains the stock knobs and black foil "Made in Japan" label on the back. The white serial sticker is also present in the battery compartment, dating production to May, 1983.