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1982 Fender Super Champ Rivera Era Black Panel 1x10 Vintage Tube Amp Near Mint w/ Ftsw


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Up for sale, a 1982 Fender "Rivera Era" Super Champ in 100% original, collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. A premium example of this model, this Super Champ is complete with the original two button footswitch and USA-made Fender-branded tubes. This 18 watt tube amp packs incredible tone and features into the pint-sized Champ enclosure. One of the last great amps of the original Fender line, this all tube wonder was part of a line of amplifiers created by Paul Rivera, who later went on to create another great line of boutique amps under his own name.

This amp features two channels with independent gain controls; one for classic Fender clean, and the other for more saturated "high gain" tones. The reverb sounds great too. Both the original Schumacher-made transformers have 1982 date codes, while the CTS pots have visible date codes from the 18th week of '82. The tube complement includes the original Fender-branded 6V6 power tubes, with vintage USA-made Fender-branded preamp tubes as well, save for one modern substituted 12AT7.

The original 10" speaker is intact with a ceramic magnet, original cone, and clean blue Fender label. The date stamp is just barely visible beyond the edge of the Fender foil sticker, dating to the 39th week of '82. The tube chart is also intact and very clean. The amp is cosmetically stunning, with original smooth black tolex and virtually unaged silver sparkle grillcloth. The black panel faceplate is clean as can be, with all of the original witch hat knobs, and hardware includes handle caps, corners, and raised Fender logo, all with particularly minty plating.

The amp is complete with the original two-button footswitch, proprietary to this model and highly prized as an accessory, with the distinctive status LEDs above the footswitch functions.