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1980s Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ MIDI, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1980s Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer in exceptional condition, freshly serviced and in perfect working order. This six-voice polyphonic analog synth, the little brother of the iconic Prophet 5 is perhaps most notable for being the first synthesizer to feature a built-in MIDI interface.

Tonally, the Prophet 600 has a bit more top end brightness and bite than its contemporary, the Juno 106. Each of the six voices has two oscillators, which are capable of generating Saw, Pulse, and Triangle waveforms. Pulse Width and Frequency are adjustable for each, with Oscillator B adding a fine-tuning control perfect for a fat, detuned analog sound. There is also a switch for Oscillator Sync, delivering the “sync sweeps” that have become intrinsically linked to the Prophet sound.

There’s a 24dB/octave Low-Pass Filter section, which is relatively aggressive and capable of self-oscillation. The four-stage ADSR envelope is hard-wired to the filter cutoff via a dedicated filter envelope depth control, and another ADSR is configured for amp envelope duties, enabling a great deal of sonic sculpting. An LFO, with two wave shapes, can be routed to modulate the frequency and/or pulse width of oscillators A and B, as well as filter cutoff. The much-lauded Poly-Mod section (also seen on the Prophet 5) is present: the Poly-Mod allows pitch-swept and cross-modulated effects, by using the output of the filter envelope or second oscillator to control the pitch of Oscillator A or filter cutoff. There’s also a two-track sequencer, simple arpeggiator and patch storage buttons at the distinctly ‘80s membrane-style keypad, with a two-digit alphanumeric display to show the current Program.

This Prophet has recently been professionally serviced at Synapse Audio Systems; recapped as needed and fitted with a fresh storage battery, along with a thorough cleaning to ensure optimal function of all features. This Prophet is in great shape, with all original knobs that turn smoothly, pristine graphics, clean, brand new wooden end caps (originals also included), and clean, level key caps. Cosmetic wear is limited to a scant few tiny marks on the unit as a whole.