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1980s Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet Vintage Rackmount Analog Synthesizer, Juno 106 & TR-707


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Up for sale, a Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet multitimbral synth module in exceptional condition and perfect working order. The MKS-7 is a rack-mounted, MIDI-controlled synthesizer capable of creating four unique “blocks” in tandem (the Melody, Chord, Bass, and Rhythm voices), hence the Super Quartet name. Introduced in 1985 at the peak of the ‘80s synth craze, the MKS-7 effectively combines two of Roland’s most prized creations into one unit. The Melody, Chord, and Bass sections are all synthesized by the same technology contained within the extremely popular Juno-106 synthesizer, while the Rhythm section utilizes a selection of sounds taken directly from the TR-707 drum machine.

The four voices function as follows:

-Melody section: 2-voice polyphony, 100 presets
-Chord section: 4-voice polyphony, 100 presets
-Bass section: monophonic, 20 presets
-Rhythm section: 11 PCM sounds

2-voice, plus 4-voice, plus 1-voice equals the MKS-7. There are independent outputs for each voice, allowing for independent EQing or effects prior to mixing. Additionally, there are independent controls for Tuning, Transposition, Dynamic Sensitivity, Bass Detuning, Pitch Modulation Sensitivity (within a range of 0 to +/-400 cent), and Pitch Bending Sensitivity (within a range of 0 to 1 octave). In total, the unit can receive and process a 7 octave range.

This Super Quartet MKS-7 is in excellent condition, with no notable wear of any kind. All buttons and sliders function as intended, and all knobs and slider tips are intact.