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1980s Maxon D&S OD-801 Vintage Distortion Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal, Japan, Big Muff


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Up for sale, a 1980s Maxon D&S OD-801 vintage fuzz effects pedal in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. Originally released in 1974, the big box D&S OD-801 is a three-transistor distortion pedal inspired by early Big Muff circuitry, creating the same silky, roaring fuzz tones with singing sustain.

By using low-noise transistors, the OD-801 actually offers more gain than a vintage Rams Head, and the smooth EQ sweep of the Tone control covers a frequency range that is narrower, yet arguably more useful than the Pi. This tighter, more focused EQ provides superior note definition, even when playing chords. The combination of these elements gives the D&S the ability to produce huge amounts of fuzzy distortion with minimal alteration to your guitar’s tone.

Cosmetic wear is limited to small chips and scuffs on the deep green enclosure. The white silkscreen graphics are clean, and the original knobs and black foil label are intact.