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1980s Maxon CS-505 Insta-Chorus Vintage Analog Guitar Effects Pedal, Near Mint w/ Box, Ibanez


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Up for sale, a Maxon CS-505 Insta-Chorus pedal in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and Maxon stickers. This lush analog stereo chorus delivers thick, spacious chorusing and classic Leslie-style warble in a compact, pedalboard-friendly package. Manufactured in Japan, Maxon also produced the equally-beloved (and identically constructed) CS-505 pedal under the Ibanez brand. Simple controls include Speed and Depth knobs, with dual outputs for stereo functionality. This pedal is in fantastic shape, robustly built with barely a mark on the purple enclosure. The graphics are flawless, the original pair of knobs is intact, and the black serialized foil label is present on the bottom. The original box is included, along with a pair of Maxon stickers.