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1980s Ibanez NB10 Noise Buster Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1980s Ibanez NB10 Noise Buster in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Part of Ibanez’s Power Series of effects, this noise gate was produced from 1987-90 and features a simple-yet-effective design with just one Frequency knob. Unlike most conventional noise gates at the time of its release, the NB10 is capable of cutting out noise both when there is no signal flow and during actual playing, with user input, providing far more effective noise reduction. The Frequency control enables the user to eliminate noise components without impairing the envelope or sustain of the original sound, perfect for high-gain distortion effects or just for mitigating unwanted effects from stage lighting or certain pickups.

This pedal is in great shape, with just a scant few tiny marks on the white enclosure. The graphics are pristine, and the original knob is present.