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1980s Ibanez DDL Digital Delay Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1980s Ibanez DDL Digital Delay in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Part of Ibanez’s Master Series of pedals, released in 1985, this DDL has a reputation as being among the most analog-sounding digital delay pedals ever released. The repeats are lush and natural sounding, with ample warmth and sounds ranging from quick slapbacks to slight echoes to feedback-laden, near-endless noise and everything in between.

There are Short and Long delay modes: Short mode ranges from 28ms to 224ms, and Long mode ranges from 224ms to 1800ms. Additionally, Hold mode enables several seconds of looping capability, enabling the user to play along with themselves. Beyond the three-position rotary Mode knob, the simple controls include D-Time (Delay Time), D-Level, and Repeat knobs. Additionally, this pedal sports an independent Dry Output.

There are only a few minor marks on the enclosure edges, the original quartet of knobs are present, and the graphics are pristine.