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1980s Ibanez DCF10 Chorus / Flanger Vintage Digital Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a late 1980s Ibanez DCF10 Digital Chorus/Flanger in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This versatile pedal was part of Ibanez’s Power/10 Series, produced in the late ‘80s-early ‘90s by Maxon. It combines a chorus and flanger into one pedalboard-friendly unit, with a wide array of tonal sculpting options.

Like the DML20, the DCF10 is a digital delay with an LFO; the digital circuit boasts a 7kHz bandwidth, and an 8:1 sweep ratio with variable speed and width controls. Delay times are variable from .25 milliseconds to 128ms, selected at the rotary four-position Mode knob and D-Time knob. The short delay time is very useful for “comb filter” flange response. The Regen knob controls delay time repeats and adds lush, whooshing swell to the flanging effect. The Speed knob changes the rate of the sweep cycle, and Width allows narrow or broad sweeps of the “comb.” Turning the Width knob all the way down also adds a unique presence by emphasizing certain harmonics, fine-tuned by the D-Time knob. Additionally, this DCF10 has stereo output functionality, with a secondary Inverted output.

This pedal is in great shape, with cosmetic wear on the rugged enclosure limited to a handful of minor marks on the enclosure edges. The graphics are pristine, and the original sextet of knobs are present.