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1980s Digitech PDS 8000 Echo Plus 8 Second Digital Delay/Sampler Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal w/ Power Supply


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Up for sale, a 1980s Digitech PDS 8000 Echo Plus 8 Second Digital Delay/Sampler pedal in perfect working order, complete with the original 3.5mm 11V power supply. An uncommon mid-’80s delay pedal produced by DOD electronics under the Digitech banner, the PDS 8000 is notable for its lush, analog-sounding delay and unique features including the Infinite Repeat footswitch, programmable Sample mode and up to 8 seconds of delay time.

Delay is switchable between 8 seconds, 2 seconds, and 500 milliseconds, with individual knobs for Delay Time, Regeneration (number of delays), and Mix. If the Delay Time knob is adjusted while a delay is ongoing, the repeating delay will be transposed according to the shift in time. Additionally, there are Output and Input volume knobs, and a three-way Normal/Trigger/Sample switch. In Normal mode, the delay functions “normally,” and can easily switch to Infinite Repeat with the left footswitch. In Sample mode, the left footswitch is used to isolate one particular phrase for repeating, stored on the built-in memory, which can then be repeated in Trigger mode (also by depressing the left footswitch). Additionally, there is a 1/4“ Trigger Input jack for use with an external trigger or oscillator.

This unit is in solid shape, with just a few light marks on the enclosure, and a previous owner’s signature on the bottom. All knobs are original, and the original 11V 3.5mm micro-jack power adapter is included.