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1980s Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal, Japan


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Up for sale, a 1980s Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. Boss' original Chorus and Vibrato pedal, the CE-1 has an incredibly lush and rich all-analog sound, and this thick, swirling circuit was lifted directly from the Roland JC-120. Central to the sound of the CE-1 is the Matsushita BBD MN3002 chip, and the circuit is 100% stock and freshly serviced with all pots sprayed out, jacks and switches exercised, and functions tested.

This pedal is extremely well-kept, showing only very minor wear on the enclosure edges. The graphics on the aluminum faceplate are bright and clean, and all of the original knobs are intact.