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1980 Wurlitzer 200A Vintage Electric Piano Black w/ Legs & Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1980 Wurlitzer model 200A piano in excellent condition and in good working order. This Wurlitzer is a clean and well-kept example, complete with the stock chrome legs and a modern sustain pedal courtesy of Vintage Vibe. The piano has just been gone through by our techs to ensure optimal performance.

Widely considered to be the pinnacle of Wurlitzer electric piano refinement, the 200A offers a surprising amount of volume from the internal speakers, as well as through the 1/4" output. Thick, chiming, and nuanced, it's a tone that can stay particularly clean or overdrive smoothly when you play more aggressively. With an elegant action design that is simply a joy to play, the 200A has a responsive and smooth feel unlike any other electric piano.

This piano is in great shape, with little wear to the hammer tips, a properly calibrated damper rail and action that is consistent and quick, with no sluggish notes or excessive side to side motion of the keys. The amp has a nice low noise floor with good volume and a focused, warm tone from the pair of original 5x7" speakers. In fact, the volume produced by the onboard speakers is noticeably cleaner and more robust than earlier Wurlitzer models and a great tone for recording purposes in particular. The vibrato has a strong pulse to it, with a waveform that isn't too choppy, yet provides a very present tremolo effect. The CTS pots date to the 29th week of 1980, and the Schumacher transformer is original as well, dating to the 35th week of 1979. The piano also boasts an upgraded IEC three-prong power cable input.

The base of the piano shows light wear along the edges, and this is one of the last 200As produced, retaining the large raised "Wurlitzer" badge on the back, only seen on the last couple production runs. The original serialized plaque is also intact on the bottom adjacent to the 1/4" jacks. The top is a shiny, deep shade of black and is complete with the original knobs, exhibiting just a few minor scuffs on the top and brushed aluminum faceplate.