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1980 MXR M-118 Analog Delay Vintage Bucket Brigade Delay Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1980 MXR M-118 Analog Delay in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This early MXR offering was the first compact analog delay stompbox ever created, first released in 1975. It’s a pioneering pedal, particularly in the world of analog “bucket brigade” delays, delivering a lush, thick sound. The pedal offers 300ms of delay, and the MXR Analog Delay has made appearances on the pedalboards of guitarists like Neil Young and Jerry Garcia.

This particular pedal is the second version released by MXR, identifiable by the secondary wet-only output jack. The heart of this Analog Delay (a feature unique to the v2) is the rare Reticon R5101 “bucket brigade” chip. The CTS pot codes date the pedal to 1980.

The controls are user-friendly, with Delay, Mix, and Regeneration controls. Cranking Regen delivers the swirling, feedback-laden infinite repeats beloved by fans of analog delays, and the Analog Delay takes its time to devolve into self-oscillating madness, resulting in a unique level of expressiveness and rewarding extensive experimentation.

This enclosure is in good shape, with all original knobs and a handful of minor nicks and dings on the edges.