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1979 Sano 300R-12 Tube Guitar Amp 2x12 w/ Fane Speakers, Vintage Tube Set


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Up for sale, a 1979 Sano 300R-12 combo amplifier in exceptional condition and in perfect working order with a complete vintage tube set. Manufactured in New Jersey, Sano is a hidden gem of vintage amp manufacturing. With ties to both Ampeg and Hilgen, Sano began as an accordion pickup/amplifier company before expanding into the burgeoning guitar/bass market. This 2x12” 300R-12 comes from the final year of Sano production, just prior to the company’s dissolution in 1980.

Tonally, Sano amps are widely considered to be quite balanced, with a relatively flat EQ response, and this 300R-12 is no exception. It’s undeniably beefy and rich, with ample headroom, perfect for articulate, complex chording, and the midrange is warm and harmonically complex. The footswitchable onboard Tremolo has great depth, and the Reverb is lush and atmospheric. This 300R-12 features a dual channel, dual input design, with a polarity switch and Stereo functionality on Channel One. Simple controls include Volume, Bass, and Treble knobs for each channel, with Bass Volume and Treble Volume controls for Channel One. Additionally, there is a knob for the Reverb, with a pair of buttons to engage/disengage the Reverb on each channel, and the Tremolo has Speed and Depth controls (as well as a pair of on/off buttons for the Trem on each channel).

The point-to-point circuit is extremely elegant in its construction with high quality components used throughout. The amp has been serviced by our team of techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, with the majority of the original capacitors intact, and original Centralab pots that date to the 9th week of ‘79. The complete vintage tube complement features a pair of GE 7591 power tubes, a Westinghouse 6CG7, and a preamp section of four GE 12AX7s and one United Electronics (also from New Jersey) 12AU7. The original pair of Fane 12” speakers are present, rated at 4 ohms, and there is a 3/79 date stamp on each frame. Only one speaker retains the original plastic magnet cover.

Cosmetic touches include a Sano badge with the later ‘70s-era block logo, black grillcloth, white piping, and a trio of handles (one on each side and one on top). The original casters are also present. Wear is limited to a handful of faint marks and scuffs on the black tolex; the graphics on the control plate are very clean, including the central atom design, and the original knobs are all intact.