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1979 Marshall JMP 2204 Master Model Mk2 Lead 50 Watt Vintage Tube Amp Head


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Up for sale, a 1979 Marshall JMP 2204 Master Model 50w head in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Produced in the proverbial "sweet spot" for late '70s Master Model JMPs, this 2204 features cascading preamp gain and the kind of rich, muscly, ripping textures synonymous with AC/DC's renaissance. At 50 watts, the amp has plenty of power and crunch, and the Master Volume is an infinitely usable tool for creating natural sounding drive at a variety of volumes. Conversely, turning the Master to 10 and dialing in the Preamp Volume to taste yields more Plexi-like textures.

The circuit is very original and freshly serviced in-house here at the Guitar Bar, with stock Drake transformers that have cleanly stamped model numbers on the bells. The chart on the chassis has a handwritten March, 1979 test date. All of the original Mullard mustard caps and Wima box caps are intact in the preamp, and all but one of the original pots are intact. The power supply has been professionally recapped. The chassis itself is quite clean, with a very presentable faceplate and all but one of the original knobs intact. The tube complement includes a pair of Sovtek 6550 power tubes and vintage Korean-made 12AX7s in the preamp.

The original black elephant tolex is extremely well-kept, with the original large plastic white Marshall logos as well as black plastic corners and handles. All of the original piping is intact, along with the original sprung amp feet. There are some light white specs on the top of the enclosure, from a previously removed aftermarket silkscreen.