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1979 Marshall JMP 2203 Master Model Mk2 Lead 100 Watt Fawn Vintage Tube Amp Head


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Up for sale, a 1979 Marshall JMP 2203 Master Model Mk II 100 Lead vintage tube amp head, freshly serviced and sporting the original fawn tolex. Produced in the proverbial "sweet spot" for late '70s Master Model JMPs, this 2203 features cascading preamp gain and the kind of rich, muscly, ripping textures synonymous with AC/DC's renaissance. At 100 watts, the amp has plenty of power and crunch, and the Master Volume is a highly usable tool for creating natural-sounding drive at a variety of volumes. Conversely, turning the Master to 10 and dialing in the Preamp Volume to taste yields more Plexi-like textures. The EL-34 power tubes are Marshall's valve of choice and have ample sizzle and headroom, and this amp is fitted with a properly biased quad from JJ.

The circuit has just been meticulously gone through and returned to stock, with original Dagnall power and output transformers and a Drake choke. The circuit retains the majority of the original resistors, capacitors (Wima, Mullard) and potentiometers, and the amp has been recapped as needed to ensure trouble-free performance. There are a couple added inputs on the metal faceplate, cleanly removed and fitted with metal plugs. The chassis has an L-prefix serial number that dates production to 1979, and the faceplate that retains all of the original black silkscreen lettering and a full complement of vintage knobs.

The original fawn tolex shows plenty of scuffs and minor tears, yet the large Marshall logo on the face of the amp is largely intact sans one "L." All of the original piping is present too, along with the original plastic corners and feet.