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1979 Hiwatt DR504 Custom 50 Vintage Tube Amp Head Hylight Era UK


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Up for sale, a 1979 Hiwatt Custom 50 DR504 head in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This very original and freshly serviced head delivers thick crunch and pummeling low end grind. Extremely powerful and clear with a pair of Genalex Gold Lion KT77 power tubes, this Hiwatt can achieve saturated roar and robust cleans, and it's as nuanced, bass-rich, and commanding of a sound as we've ever heard from any British tube amp. This amp is loud, efficient, and searing, with an incredibly dynamic, touch-sensitive responsiveness. The amp features a two input circuit, with each input dedicated to a discreet channel, Normal and Bright respectively. These inputs are summed in the next preamp tube, followed by a Master Volume and a four-band EQ. Essentially a 50 watt version of the venerable DR103, this Hiwatt has the incredible headroom and muscle that defined the early Hiwatt sound, and is one of the last to feature this earlier circuitry before Hiwatt would bow to the pressure of adding more gain to their models. The circuit is very original and freshly serviced, with stock Partridge transformers. All of the original mustard caps are intact in the preamp, and the power supply has been recapped as necessary to ensure optimal, reliable power and tone. The back panel of the chassis features an added Line Out with its own Level control, and the original Hylight-era Hiwatt badge is intact with a serial number dating to 1979. The tubes include a properly biased pair of Genalex Gold Lion KT77s as well as four matching Tung Sol gold pin 12AX7s. All hardware is original including the chassis bolts, handle, knobs, and Hiwatt logo. And save for some oxidation on the chassis, the amp is remarkably well-kept with clean black tolex and white piping.