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1979 Fender Mustang Bass Vintage Short Scale Mocha Ash 100% Original


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Up for sale, a 1979 Fender Mustang Bass in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. A well-kept '70s example, this ash-bodied Mustang Bass weighs 8lbs 11oz with rich sustain and a powerful, clear note attack. The tone of this Mustang Bass is warm and thick, with classic low end thump and clarity in the treble frequencies. Strung with 45-100 roundwound strings on the 30" scale, these strings accentuate the midrange character and punch of ash as a tonewood. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, we've dialed in this Mustang bass with comfortable action and accurate intonation.

The maple neck has a significant U neck profile shape with ample shoulder and a substantial feel in every register, measuring .900" deep at the 1st fret and 1.005" at the 12th. The rosewood fretboard is a very dark cut with lightly rolled edges, retaining the original slender frets which have their full factory height, showing only light wear beneath the A and D strings on frets 1-6. The truss rod is responsive, the neck is straight, and this bass plays cleanly in all positions. The nut measures 1 5/8" in width, and on the headstock the bass retains the original Fender-stamped tuners which show uniform surface patina. The black ink stamp is present on the neck heel, dating to 1979, and all of the original factory markings and stamps are present in the pocket and on the heel.

All of the electronics are original and untouched, with a 1979 date stamp on the gray fiber pickup bobbin. The CTS pots date to the 30th week of 1978. The chrome is particularly bright and clean on the original control plate and bridge, showing just a dusting of patina, and the original plastics are also intact and equally well-kept.

The transparent Mocha gloss finish is 100% original with no touchup or overspray, showing a few small spots of strap wear through the gloss adjacent to the rear strap button and some faint finish scratches on the back. There is light pick scuffing across the guard extending between the bridge and control plate, and one small nick on top at the bass-side waist. The neck profile retains its smooth gloss, free of palm wear with just a few minor marks on the bass-side shoulder, mostly located behind fret 7.

A padded Fender-branded gigbag is included.