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1979 Boss OD-1 Overdrive Pedal, Silver Screw Long Dash, Black Label Japan w/ Box, RC3403 14 Pin Chip


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Up for sale, a 1979 Boss OD-1 Overdrive effects pedal in near-mint condition, complete with the original box. Historically significant for being Boss' first overdrive pedal, this pedal has the OD-1s introductory cosmetic features with the famed silver screw for the battery compartment, "long dash" graphics, black foil label, and early serial number stamped above the stomp switch in the battery compartment.

This very early OD-1 utilizes the particularly rare and sought after 14-pin RC3403ADB chip. This quad op amp iteration is considered the pinnacle OD-1, with a thick, edgy breakup thanks to the asymmetrical clipping.

There is sparingly little wear on the enclosure with bold silkscreen graphics and the original pair of knobs. The “Made in Japan” black foil label is near mint on the back, and the serial number is intact inside the battery compartment. The original silver screw is present.

The original box is included.