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1978 MXR MX-117 Flanger Vintage Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1978 MXR MX-117 Flanger in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. One of MXR’s most iconic and sought-after pedals, the MX-117 is perhaps best known for its extensive usage by Eddie Van Halen. This MX-117 is lush and atmospheric, with a wide sweep at each control, powered at 18V for extra headroom to ensure pristine warbles. The simple, user-friendly controls include Manual (degree of phase shifting), Width, Speed, and Regeneration (overall intensity) knobs. The MC14013B Dual Type D flip flop chip dates to the 50th week of 1978.

Cosmetic wear is limited to minor scuffs and marks around the edges of the enclosure and sparingly little wear on the graphics on top. The original silver foil sticker is intact on the baseplate, and the original quartet of knobs are present.