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1978 Fender Jazz Bass Antigua 100% Original w/ Rosewood Board & Case


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Up for sale, a 1978 Fender Jazz Bass in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. A rare example with a custom color Antigua finish, made rarer still by the uncommon rosewood fretboard, this Jazz Bass is a classic example of Fender's premier upscale bass model. Tonewoods include an ash body, maple neck, and bound rosewood fretboard, and at 11lbs the bass delivers a clear, authoritative sound with excellent midrange-rich punch and low end heft.

Via the stock gray bobbin pickups and a fresh set of roundwound 45-100 strings, the bridge pickup offers great growl and top end articulation, and the ash body ensures plenty of midrange sweetness and present note attack. The neck pickup has a thicker, rounder sound, and rolling the Tone knob back to taste allows for broad thump. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this Jazz Bass has been dialed in for optimal action and accurate intonation.

The maple neck has a full U-shaped profile carve with round shoulders and plenty of substance, measuring .875" deep at the 1st fret and .980" at the 12th fret. The rosewood fretboard retains the original medium jumbo frets which have plenty of meat and crown, showing only light wear on the crowns of frets 1-6. The bass plays well up the 34" scale with a straight neck and responsive, optimally adjusted truss rod. The nut has the traditional Jazz Bass 1 1/2" width, and the headstock face has the small block logo associated with that latter half of the '70s as well as the S8-prefix serial number. The original Fender tuners with clover buttons turn smoothly and hold pitch reliably with extremely clean chrome plating.

On the body, the original gray bobbin pickups are present with original windings and untouched solder joints on the harness. The CTS pots have date codes from the 32nd week of '78. Hardware includes the original bridge and control plate, as well as the original pair of "ashtray" bridge and pickup covers, all with remarkably clean chrome. Stock plastics include the trio of Strat-style knobs and the multi-ply pickguard, finished in Antigua from the factory to match the body. Given that the pickguards were finished over, it’s very common to see wear through the finish across the pick path, and the wear on this bass is more restrained in this regard than many.

The Antigua gloss finish is 100% original, showing very little yellowing of the clear coat and retaining this custom color's green to white burst gradient. There is broad finish checking across the body, various scuffs and minor marks, and some very light speckling in the clear coat on the back from contact with the case lining, particularly on the bass-side body horn. The smooth gloss finish is retained on the neck, with palm wear through the gloss on the walnut skunk stripe behind frets 2-3, and a few small marks on the profile length.

A modern Fender molded hardshell case with TSA latches is included.