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1978 Fender Bassman 70 Silverface Vintage Tube Guitar Amp Head, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1978 Fender Bassman 70 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Introduced in '77 at the tail end of the Fender Silverface run, the Bassman "70" was essentially a Bassman 50 outfitted with Fender's new ultra linear transformers, designed to coax an extra 20 watts of clean tube power out of a pair of 6L6 tubes. The Bassman 70 surely does succeed at delivering powerful Fender cleans like few amps can, with a power and efficiency that's ideal for guitar or bass. Dime out the Master Volume for sparkling, balanced cleans or crank the preamp and keep the Master low for more compressed overdrive and grit.

Extremely original, the circuit retains all of the Schumacher-made transformers which date to '78, and date codes on the original CTS pots are from 1978 as well. All of the original blue molded caps are intact in the preamp too. Originally an "Export" model, the power transformer has additional taps for international voltages, currently wired for USA 120v use.

Freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, the bias supply has been converted to a traditional Black Panel-style adjustable type (in lieu of the poorly regarded "bias balance"). A couple new resistors have been installed in the phase inverter, and the power supply has been fully recapped with high quality F&Ts. A three-prong power cable has been installed too. All tube sockets have been tensioned, all pots sprayed out, and all voltages measured to ensure optimal functionality for stage and studio use. The tube complement includes a bevy of vintage preamp tubes, and the power tubes are a matched pair of Sovtek 5881s (6L6GC).

The original smooth black tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth with faded orange stripe are intact, and the tube chart is partially intact inside the cabinet. All of the original hardware is present including the nickel corners chassis straps, handle, and sphinx glides. All of the original witch hat knobs are present as well, along with the raised Fender logo.