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1978 Ampeg B-15N Portaflex Fliptop Vintage Bass Tube Amp 1x15 w/ Trolley


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Up for sale, a 1978 Ampeg B-15N Portaflex tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original trolley. The B-15N is one of the most recorded and highly regarded tube bass amp circuits of all time, and this classic four-input vintage model delivers the goods through the original 15" Eminence ceramic magnet speaker. Manufactured in the USA by Ampeg and just given a clean bill of health from our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, the amp is powered by a matched pair of properly biased Sovtek 5881 power tubes. Notable for the addition of Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo rocker switches for each channel not found on earlier iterations, this B-15N has surprising output given its modest power and excels at a dynamic and detailed tone that can be extremely warm, or distinct and bright. Paired with a Precision Bass, it's the perfect recipe for Motown thump.

The original transformers are both present, and the preamp and power amp has been recapped as needed to ensure optimal functionality, with original CTS pots which have visible date codes from 1978. Along with the Sovtek 6L6 power tubes, the amp features vintage RCA-branded octal preamp tubes as well as a vintage Sylvania GZ34 rectifier. The original ceramic magnet Eminence speaker is punchy and round-sounding, with notable low end fullness and ideal wattage handling for studio-friendly headroom and a bit of breakup when pushed hard.

The cabinet retains the original smooth black tolex, silver sparkle grillcloth, and Ampeg badge. The faceplate retains all of the original black pinstriping, along with a full complement of original knobs. Wear on the cabinet is limited to minor scuffs and light edge wear, and all original hardware is included and viable including the shockmounts for the head and original latches. As the photos show, this B-15N would be at home in a studio.