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1977 Thomas Organ Cry-Baby Wah Model 95 Vintage Pedal, Stack Of Dimes


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Up for sale, a 1977 Thomas Organ Cry-Baby wah Model 95 in 100% original condition and in perfect working order. Produced from 1967-81, this wah was the first pedal to sport the now-iconic Crybaby name, introduced as a competitor to (and virtual clone of) the Vox V846 Wah-Wah. This particular pedal was made in Chicago, directly following Thomas Organ’s time in Sepulveda, CA, and Pescara, Italy (with JEN Elettronica), and retains the original circuit including the “Stack of Dimes 03” inductor.

This pedal is as smooth and vocal as they come, with great harmonic complexity and richness, as well as an even, balanced taper. The “Stack of Dimes 03” inductor results in a touch more lower-midrange “oomph,” that makes clean passages extra sonorous and ensures heavily driven solos are full and powerful. The circuit is 100% original, retaining all of the original factory stamp, and the stamped serial on the baseplate dates this pedal to 1977.

This pedal has seen honest usage over the decades, with a handful of minor nicks and dings on the rugged enclosure. Regardless, it’s built like a tank, and the treadle actuates smoothly with ideal resistance. The baseplate retains its graphics, along with the original rubber feet and “Cry Baby” logo on the forward edge.