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1977 Marshall 1960A Vintage 4x12 Speaker Cabinet w/ Celestion G12M T1221 Blackbacks


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Up for sale, a 1977 Marshall 1960A 4x12 vintage speaker cabinet in excellent condition and in perfect working order, loaded with its original quad of Celestion G12M 25 watt "Blackback" speakers. The cabinet features its original black tolex and basketweave grillcloth, framed by white piping and complete with the original large Marshall logo.

The cabinet retains its original handles, plastic corners, and casters. The cab features a new 1/4" input jack on the back, with just a few minor cleanly glued tears and scuffs, largely on the bottom of the cab

The original Celestion G12M T1221 "Blackback" 12" speakers have extremely clean frames, and each have "MK1" date stamps, translating to December of 1977.