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1976 Rhodes Stage 73 Mk I Vintage Electric Piano w/ Pedal & Legs, Stewart Preamp


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Up for sale, a 1976 Rhodes Stage 73 Mk I electric piano in excellent condition and perfect working order, outfitted with a vintage Stewart active preamp. From the Mk I era of production, this piano is a reliable stage and studio instrument with great action and a range of classic Rhodes tonalities. The tone and feel of the Mk I pianos is like nothing that came before or after. The sound is warm, dynamic, and the perfect blend of midrange fullness and top end chime. This piano has been professionally voiced, with smooth transitions from the lower, growly bass octaves to the bell-like notes in the highest registers. The middle octaves are voiced slightly favoring the harmonic overtones, which keeps complex chord voicings clear and balanced. The low end ranges from mellow, round bass notes with a soft touch to the famous Rhodes growl when you really dig in.

The Stewart preamp was an early upgrade for the Rhodes Stage model, and actually the first product Stewart ever produced, featuring an op-amp design powered by a 9V battery. The Stewart preamp boosts the output of the piano, while also offering stacked Volume and active EQ controls.

The action is quick and consistent, representative of the feel of the later Mk I pianos, with a fast attack that isn't sloppy and original key bushings that are in excellent shape. The harp is extremely clean, showing sparingly little oxidation on the tone bars and tines, and the hammer tips and damper felts are all viable with minimal wear. The date stamp in the upper right corner of the harp is from the 10th week of 1976, and the serialized Rhodes gold foil label is present too.

The original smooth black tolex is clean overall, with a few minor tears on the edges of the enclosure. All of the original hardware is accounted for with bright chrome plating, comprising the chrome legs, braces, and sustain pedal. The key caps are nice and white, with very little yellowing or aging, and the caps are the more desirable flat caps introduced in '74. The namerail retains the original small Rhodes logo, along with the "Seventy Three" badge on the curved black plastic harp cover. On the back of the piano, the large Rhodes logo is also present.

This Rhodes would look great in a studio, complete with the original sustain pedal, legs, and braces.