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1976 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail Vintage Guitar Black, 100% Original w/ Case


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Up for sale, a 1976 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. With its string through body construction and lack of a tremolo setting this Hardtail apart from the standard Stratocaster platform, this vintage Fender features an ash body and one-piece maple neck, yielding ample sustain and punch. Weighing 7lbs 13oz, the instrument has a natural midrange complexity and sparkling cut attributable to the tonewood complement. Plugged in, the trio of flat-pole gray bobbin single coil pickups excel at delivering a range of traditional Strat tonalities. The bridge pickup offers bite and upper midrange presence, the middle pickup has a certain honk and percussive clarity, and the neck single coil has a smooth, yet detailed tone that's ideal for solos and lead work. Professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, we've dialed in this Strat with fresh 10-46 strings, low action and accurate intonation.

The maple neck has a modestly chunky U-shaped profile carve with full shoulders in every register, measuring .860" deep at the 1st fret and .915" at the 12th. The original medium frets show no wear, playing cleanly up the 25 1/2" scale with a straight neck and responsive, optimally adjusted truss rod. The nut measures 1 5/8" in width. The face of the headstock has ambered notably, and the original Fender "F" tuning machines function reliably. The ink stamp has largely faded from the neck heel, with numerous other factory stamps on the heel and in the pocket.

All of the electronics work as they should, 100% original with untouched solder joints. All three gray pickup bobbins have matching 1976 date stamps, the CTS pots date to the 36th week of '75, and the stock three-way switch is present. The flat alnico pickup poles still largely retain their factory lacquer potting, indicative of the limited use this guitar has seen. All original plastics are in excellent shape, and the chrome plating is bright and clean on the bridge and jack cup.

The Black gloss finish is 100% original with no touch-up or overspray, and cosmetic wear is limited to just a few small dings and light finish scratches on the body as a whole. The gloss finish on the neck profile is nigh flawless. The guitar does have a prominent smell of smoke, even more concentrated in the case (which is currently being aired out).

A vintage black tolex hardshell case is included with clean black leather ends, a trio of functional latches, and the stock handle. The original bagged polish cloth is also included.