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1975 Rhodes Stage 88 Mk I Vintage Electric Piano w/ Legs & Pedal, Fender


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Up for sale, a 1975 Rhodes Stage 88 Mk I electric piano in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This 88 key Rhodes hails from the golden era of Mk I tone and playability, produced just after the Fender name was dropped from the Rhodes line, yet still retaining the most highly desirable features of the early 88 key Mk I pianos including the wood/plastic hybrid hammers and flat key caps (a pairing available only from 1974-75).

The tone and feel of the early Fender Mk I pianos is like nothing that came before or after. The sound is warm, dynamic, and the perfect blend of midrange fullness and top end chime. This piano has been professionally voiced, with smooth transitions from the lower, growly bass octaves to the bell-like notes in the highest registers. The middle octaves are voiced slightly favoring the harmonic overtones, which keeps complex chord voicings clear and balanced. The low end ranges from mellow, round bass notes with a soft touch to the famous Rhodes growl when you really dig in.

The action is very smooth and consistent, with a quick and responsive feel. The original key bushings are in excellent shape, showing no excessive side to side wiggle and not sluggish in the slightest. One thing that makes the earliest 88 key Mk I pianos special is the wood/plastic hybrid hammers that were retired by mid '75. These hammers strike with more authority than the later all-plastic style and were a significant upgrade in terms of longevity over the earlier all wood hammers, while still retaining the feel and overall purpose of their predecessors. The original hammer tips are in excellent shape, as are the stock damper felts.

The harp itself is quite clean with some light oxidation on the tonebars and frame, retaining the original pickups and tonebars, and the vast majority of the original tines too. The gold Rhodes label is intact and clean, along with the 1975 date stamp above the foil label. The wiring harness is stock as well, with CTS pots from the late 1960s (solder covers the exact dates). The knobs are a vintage pair of Fender witch hats, yet ostensibly replaced. Both the small "Rhodes" logo on the namerail and the "Eighty Eight" raised text on the rounded plastic harp cover are intact, along with the larger Rhodes badge on the back of the piano which shows some scuffing.

The piano retains its original smooth black tolex which shows some scuffs and minor tolex tears on the edges of the enclosure which have been glued as needed, and overall the piano presents very well. The curved black plastic harp cover is also original with a few minor scuffs across the top. Original hardware includes the handles, latches, corners, leg flanges and sphinx glides (feet).

The piano comes complete with its original latching lid, and the legs, crossbars and sustain pedal are brand new components furnished by Vintage Vibe.