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1975 Marshall JMP MkII Model 1987 50 Watt Vintage Tube Amp Head w/ EL34, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1975 Marshall JMP MkII model 1987 tube amp head in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Freshly serviced and only necessitating a couple new capacitors since new, this four input big box/small logo Marshall positively roars with a pure and dynamic non-master volume circuit. At 50 watts, the amp has plenty of muscle, power, and crunch while still being a manageable platform for club gigs. The EL34 power tubes have ample power and headroom, overdriving beautifully with a rich, edgy breakup, and the EQ controls have a wide sweep for easily dialing in the perfect amount of bark and cut.

The circuit is clean and stock, with original Drake power and output transformers paired with a Dagnall choke. A multitude of original mustard capacitors are present in the preamp, along with original pots and Cliff jacks. Save for a couple capacitors and carbon comp resistors matching original spec, the circuit is untouched. The chart on the chassis has a handwritten 9-6-75 test date. The tubes consist of a freshly biased pair of JJ EL34s, with two Electro Harmonix dual triode preamp tubes and one vintage RCA. The chassis itself is quite well kept, with two plugs from previously reversed mods (one on the face and one on the back). The amp has also been fitted with a modern three-prong cable, and the faceplate has a full complement of new Marshall knobs

The original smooth black levant tolex with gold piping shows only very light wear on the enclosure edges, and the original feet are present, as well as the original handle. The original small Marshall logo on the amp's face is also fully intact.