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1975 ARP 2600 model 2601 V1.0 Vintage Analog Synthesizer w/ 3604-P Keyboard Controller, Serviced


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Up for sale, a circa 1975 ARP 2600 model 2601 V1.0 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with a 3604-P monophonic keyboard controller. Widely considered one of the greatest, most influential and most important analog synthesizers of all time, the ARP 2600 has been played by a vast array of artists including Joy Division, Stevie Wonder, Chemical Brothers, and Nine Inch Nails, to name just a few, and has also enjoyed a storied history in Hollywood sound effects creation, including at Skywalker Sound to create the original vocalizations for R2-D2. This particular iteration, the 2601 V1.0, was produced from 1975-76, identified by the small trim pot holes and improved jacks.

Freshly serviced by Synapse Audio Systems, this 2600 benefits from a rebuilt ringmod board, recapped as necessary and fully calibrated. The bus bars and j-wires have all been cleaned, and the keybed on the controller has been fully cleaned with all new bushings. The sliders are all original and a few have been rebuilt. All sliders benefit from a chemical cleaning, yet a small amount of noise over time is normal, given the originality of the componentry.

Designed as a more compact, intuitive rival to Moogs modular systems, the ARP 2600 is a paragon of analog subtractive synthesis, featuring a totally analog signal path with three oscillators, one 24 dB/oct filter, one ADSR envelope, one VCA, and one Mixer section. Additional features include an envelope follower, ring modulator, noise generator, LFO with sample and hold, built-in spring reverb, and a pre-amplifier with onboard stereo speaker. Originally marketed to high schools and universities upon its original release, the control layout of the ARP 2600 was designed with one fixed, consistent design (as opposed to the custom-built modular systems of the era) that was more immediately understandable while still rewarding users with plenty to unpack and expand upon. While the semi-modular system has a fixed selection of pre-wired modules, most connections can be re-wired at the bevy of patch points. As such, there’s plenty of nitty-gritty tweaking to be had, with loads of sliders and switches to satisfy any sonic sculptor.

The 3604-P monophonic keyboard controller was actually introduced alongside the previous generation of ARP 2600 (the 2600P), and was acquired independently of thia 2601, which was sold with the duophonic 3620 keyboard that had been introduced the year prior. The 49-key keyboard features Variable and Fixed Tone Interval controls, with a two-way switch to toggle between the two, as well as Tuning and Portamento knobs (each with a two-way on/off mini-toggle). All of the keys are responde venly, and all three original knobs are present.

Cosmetic wear on the ARP 2600 itself is very limited, with just a few tiny scuffs on the exterior of the “suitcase”-style case, which has been fitted with a new handle. The keyboard controller shows some light hardware patina and wear on the enclosure edges.

The original 8-pin controller-to-synth DIN cable and power cord are included.