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1975 Ampeg B-25 Vintage Tube Amp Head & 2x15 Cabinet, B-15N


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Up for sale, a 1975 Ampeg B-25 tube amp head and matching 2x15 speaker cabinet, fully serviced. Manufactured in the USA by Ampeg and just given a clean bill of health from our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, the amp is powered by a matched pair of brand new and properly biased Tung Sol 7027 power tubes. A tonal middle ground between the B-15N and V-4, the B-25 pushes 55 all-tube watts and has ideal muscle and headroom for either guitar or bass, with a dedicated two channel design and Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo rocker switches for each channel.

The original transformers are present, manufactured by Electrical Windings and dating to 1975, and the circuit has been recapped as needed, with a full rebuild of the power supply featuring Sprague Atoms. Along with the Tung Sol 7027 power tubes, the amp features a vintage 5U4 rectifier and all vintage valves in the preamp. The head retains its original Ampeg badge, full knob set, and distinctive white rocker switches used by Ampeg in the '70s.

The cabinet is loaded with a pair of vintage 15" speakers, manufactured by Eminence with large square ceramic magnets and clean frames. Both speakers have just been professionally reconed with a powerful, focused bass register handling the B-25's full wattage with ease. Both the head and cabinet feature original smooth black tolex and grillcloth with sparkle in the thread. Both the head and cab have silkscreening from different bands, and wear on the tolex is largely relegated to the cabinet.