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1974 Sunn Model T Vintage Tube Amp Head 1st Gen Serviced & Retubed


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Up for sale, a 1974 Sunn Model T head in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This 1st generation Model T is the bone shaking, world-destroying amp beloved by guitarists and bassists alike, freshly retubed with a quad of Tung Sol 6550s. The circuit is extremely original, and the amp has been given a thorough once-over by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar to ensure ideal performance.

A two-channel five-input design (the fifth input conveniently bridges the channels), the Model T is a 150 watt powerhouse with a simple, straightforward control array including dedicated Volume knobs for the two channels, a three band EQ plus Presence knob, and a Master Volume so that the punch, grind and muscle of this amp can be had at the desired volume.

The circuit is extremely original, with robust original transformers manufactured by the Pacific company (1052 manufacturer designation) and dating between late '73 and the first weeks of '74. All of the original CentraLab and CTS pots are intact, with visible date codes from 1972. The amp has been outfitted with a brand new matched quad of freshly biased Sovtek 6550 power tubes.

The black tolex is well-kept, and the head retains its Sunn badge, with only very light wear on the faceplate graphics and the full complement of original witch hat knobs.