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1973 Marshall JMP Super Lead 100 Model 1959 Handwired Vintage Tube Amp Head


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Up for sale, a 1973 Marshall JMP Super Lead 100 Model 1959 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Recently retubed and freshly serviced, this Super Lead 100 was produced early in '73 (with Mullard mustard caps that date to the 3rd quarter of '72), and it's one of the last to be hand-wired before PCBs were implemented later in the year.

This Super Lead 100 roars with a pure and dynamic non-master volume circuit. At 100 watts, the amp has incredible muscle, power, and crunch, and the EL34 power tube quad has ample power and headroom, while still gaining up beautifully with a rich, churning drive, and the EQ controls have a wide sweep for easily dialing in the perfect amount of bark and cut.

The circuit is very original, with stock Dagnall transformers and the majority of the original Mullard mustard capacitors intact in the preamp. All pots and jacks are original, and only a few capacitors and resistors have been replaced on the hand-wired board.

The tubes consist of a freshly biased quad of Electro Harmonix EL34 power tubes, along with a trio of vintage preamp tubes. The chassis itself is in remarkable shape, with a faceplate that retains all of the original black silkscreen lettering and a full complement of original knobs. The E-suffix serial number stamped on the backplate dates production to '73.

The original tolex is extremely clean with only a few minor scuffs, light corner wear, and one small tear on the bottom. All of the original gold piping is intact, along with the original small Marshall logo, feet and handle.