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1973 Fender Deluxe 6 Vintage Console Lap Steel Blonde Ash w/ Legs, Stringmaster


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Up for sale, a 1973 Fender Deluxe 6 console lap steel in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original chrome-plated telescoping legs. This CBS-era Fender console steel features an ash body, yielding a plenty of midrange detail and note attack, qualities channeled faithfully through the pickup pair. The tone is quintessential Fender single coil richness and chime, and the gray bobbin pickups are wound similarly to a Stratocaster. There's a bell-like sweetness to the sound that is equal parts twang and silk, and beneath the bridge cover, a Pickup Blend wheel adjusts the balance between the two coils.

The playing surface features block position markers, and the steel has a 22 1/2" scale length with string spacing measuring 1 15/16” at the nut. The headstock retains its chrome-plated headstock cover plate and tuners with hexagonal metal buttons that function reliably.

The pair of original pickups retain their '73 date stamps on the gray fiber bobbins, wired to one original Stackpole pot, dating to the 27th week of 1972, and two replacement modern CTS pots. The Pickup Blend wheel and serial number are present beneath the bridge cover, and the chrome plating on the hardware has ample shine including the control plate and pair of original flat-topped knurled knobs. The Blonde finish exhibits some checking in the gloss, with wear limited to a number of small marks and dings on the instrument as a whole.

The original trio of chrome legs are included.