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1973 Fender Bassman 50 Vintage Silverface Tube Amp w/ 2x15 Speaker Cabinet


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Up for sale, a 1973 Fender Bassman 50 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The direct descendent of the "Bassman" model, the Bassman 50 was introduced in 1972 to differentiate it from Fender's expanding Bassman lineup (including the Bassman 100 and Bassman 10). This amp has a clear, powerful Fender tone that's ideal for use with guitar or bass. Delivering enough headroom, muscle, and clarity to be a perfect pedal platform when paired with the included 2x15 enclosure, the amp stays clean until around 5 on the Volume dial when it cascades into smooth, lightly compressed tube overdrive. The circuit is very original, with a preamp that's untouched save for a new resistor on the bias pot. The original compliment of Schumacher-made transformers date to 1973, and visible date codes on the CTS pots also date to '73. The power supply has been recapped, and the amp functions as it should, with some surface rust on the bottom of the chassis. The amp boasts a full vintage tube compliment, with 6L6s that bias well together (branded Magnavox and GE), and preamp tubes from the likes of RCA. The tube chart is also intact inside the head cabinet. The speaker cabinet is the correct 2x15 used on both the Bassman 50 and Bassman 70 models, dating to 1975. The cabinet is extremely clean, complimenting the head well and loaded with the original Utah-made speakers with heavy duty square ceramic magnets, blue foil Fender labels, and dates on the edges of the frames from the 39th week of '75. Both the head and cab retain their original tolex and silver sparkle grillcloth, with the earlier turquoise stripe on the head and orange stripe on the cabinet cloth. All of the original hardware is intact including the corners, handles, and casters.