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1972 Wurlitzer 200 Vintage Electric Piano Serviced w/ Legs & Pedal, 200A


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Up for sale, a 1972 Wurlitzer model 200 electric piano in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, complete with legs and sustain pedal. The 200 model is notable for having an undeniably rich and chiming electric piano tone, with a bit more drive and a slightly different tonal color than the later 200A model, retaining the classic Wurly smooth growl and midrange content. The tone is defined and balanced, with an elegant action design that is simply a joy to play, with a responsive and smooth feel unlike any other electric piano. The amp has been serviced as needed, and the piano benefits from a recent checkup to ensure smooth action and optimal tuning/voicing.

This piano is in great shape, with little wear to the hammer tips, a very responsive damper rail, and action that is consistent and quick, with no sluggish notes or excessive side to side motion of the keys. The amp has a few new small electrolytic caps as needed, with a host of metal film resistors to ensure the best signal-to-noise ratio. The original transformer (manufactured by Better Coil & Transformer) dates to the 27th week of 1972, and the CTS pots date to the 10th week of '72. The vibrato control has a nice pulse to it with a waveform that isn't too choppy, yet provides a very present tremolo effect.

Cosmetically, this is a particularly well-kept Wurlitzer 200 that has only seen limited careful use in the past half century. The top is a shiny, deep black, complete with the original knobs and polished aluminum Wurlitzer faceplate. The bottom of this piano (with its original metal serial number/model badge) shows only light edge wear. The original set of legs have clean chrome plating, and the original sustain pedal is equally well-kept. The original three-prong power cable is also included.