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1972 Fender Bassman 10 Vintage Silverface Tube Guitar Amp 4x10 Oxford, First Year


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Up for sale, a 1972 Fender Bassman 10 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. A first-year model, this Silverface Fender retains its original quad of Oxford speakers. Comparable to the Bassman 50 head in terms of power and design, the Bassman 10 has the classic, lightly compressed sound of the earlier Bassman models, with modest headroom before pushing into smooth tube overdrive at around 4 on the Volume dial. The channels are individually voiced (Bass/Normal and Bass/Studio), with the first channel having a Deep switch and overall darker tonal character with more limited EQ sweep, while the second channel covers a much wider frequency range in terms of EQ and also has the added bonus of a Midrange knob. The tone is classic Fender chime, with a clean sound that sparkles and is the perfect platform for an array of effects pedals.  

The circuit is extremely original, with a few new caps in the preamp to ensure optimal performance. Both original Schumacher transformers are intact and date to 1972, along with the original CTS pots, which have visible date codes from the 21st week of '72. The speaker quad is all original, and all four speakers retain their original cones (one speaker has a professional cone repair from a minor split). The tubes consist of a new matched pair of Sovtek 6L6GC power tubes, with two new Tung Sols in the preamp and a vintage JAN-Philips phase inverter.

Cosmetically, the amp retains its original smooth black tolex as well as the stock silver sparkle grillcloth with blue stripe. The amp is quite clean overall, with some minor dings and scuffs on the polished aluminum faceplate, and light wear on the enclosure edges. This Bassman 10 has been given a full checkup by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar and is ready for stage and studio use.