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1972 Electro Harmonix Big Muff Triangle V1 Vintage Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal, Fairchild FS37000 Transistors


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Up for sale, a 1972 Big Muff Pi "Triangle Muff" in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. The Triangle Muff is the first Big Muff offered by Electro Harmonix, and this is an extremely clean and early example, with the singing sustain and rich, saturated fuzz that has made this pedal a mainstay in studios and on the road for decades. Differentiated from the first edition of the V1 Triangle Muff by the On/Off switch and "Tone" text on the enclosure, this V1 second edition Muff circuit is loaded with the original quartet of Fairchild FS37000 silicon transistors.

The list of artists who gravitated to this particular Muff circuit early on in production is impressive, with Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, John Lennon, Steve Howe of Yes, King Crimson and more gravitating to the pedal's unique and thick tone. Infamous for the constant component substitutions this circuit received while in production, there are 17 known minor variants of the Triangle Muff, and they all have a slightly unique tonal character while retaining the same general sonic footprint. This particular Muff is as thick, smooth, and articulate as they come, with scooped mids, ample bass, and detailed top end.

All original transistors are intact, and the Fairchild FS37000 variety are most commonly seen in later examples of the V1. Two of the original CTS pots, which date to early 1972, have been remounted to the circuit board, and a couple of circuit traces have been repaired. One 1/4" jack is original (the other is a similar vintage replacement), the battery clip is modern, and both the two-way toggle and on/off stomp switch are intact. Beyond the Fairchild transistors, the board is loaded with all original components and the pedal functions exactly as intended.

Cosmetically, this is an extremely clean example, with nearly all of the original black silkscreen text intact and near mint textured sides and back, complete with the original rubber skid pad. The original Davies knobs are intact too.