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1971 Oliver B200 Duoflex Vintage Bass Amp Head 7027 Ampeg USA, Powerflex


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Up for sale, a 1971 Oliver B200 Duoflex bass amp head in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Founded in 1966 by the “godfather of bass amps” and former vice-president of Ampeg, Jess Oliver is widely known as the man behind the classic Portaflex B-15 design, one of the most recorded and highly regarded tube bass amp circuits of all time. The pedigree of this 60 watt all tube amp is quite apparent when plugged in, with a tone that doesn’t stray far from its heritage, providing that recognizable full and rich low end thump heard on countless Motown recordings, yet with ample headroom thanks to the oversized output transformer and 7027 power tube compliment.

Channel One is the brighter of the two, with Volume, Bass, Treble, and Midrange controls. The Ultra High control acts similar to the Ampeg SVT Ultra Hi switch, providing more presence and cut to the top end of the signal. Channel Two is darker, with a similar control set as the first channel, yet the addition of an Ultra Bass control instead. The Ultra Bass control provides incredible sub-heavy, massive low end to an already robust signal. The Tone controls on each channel are very responsive and usable, making this amp suitable for virtually any genre.

This Oliver has a very original circuit, with upgraded electrolytic caps and a virtually untouched preamp with a full complement of original pots and brown molded capacitors. Both stock transformers date to 1971. The tube set is vintage, with a matched pair of Phillips 7027 power tubes and preamp tubes from the likes of RCA and Mullard. The power cable has been upgraded to a grounded three-prong for improved safety and a lower noise floor.

The faceplate retains all of its original barrel knobs with clean silkscreened graphics. The smooth black tolex and the black grill cloth are in great shape with only a few minor marks.