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1970s Roland Double Beat AD-50 Fuzz & Wah, Near Mint w/ Box


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Up for sale, a 1970s Roland Double Beat AD-50 Fuzz & Wah in near-mint condition and perfect working order, complete with original box. Produced from 1973-79, this pedal marks one of Roland’s first forays into the world of guitar effects and predates the creation of their now-prolific Boss brand. It features tandem Wah and Fuzz effects together in one unit, engaged in unison or independently.

Controls are decidedly simple: the Sustain knob controls the fuzz, Output Level dictates (of course) overall output, and the 3-way Tone Selector switch toggles three markedly different fuzz tones:

-Sine Wave is similar in character to a Fuzz Face, and a bit rounder
-Square Wave sounds a bit like a Muff, grittier and substantially more aggressive
-Triangle Wave falls somewhere between the two

The fuzz has an overtone-laden, feedback-heavy, saturated signal that can drive practically any amp to its limits, and the independently-engaged wah has a smooth sweep and vocal-like sound.

The enclosure is built like a tank, and displays virtually no wear on the black crinkle finish. The original knobs are all present and turn smoothly, and the rubber feet are still present on the bottom of the unit.

The original box is included.