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1970s Maxon D&S Distortion Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal Collector-Grade w/ Box, Muff-Style


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Up for sale, a 1970s Maxon D&S Distortion Sustainer pedal in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box.

This pedal represents the second version of the D&S, including an LED and with differing text below the knobs than the previous iteration. The D&S is a four transistor distortion, very much in the vein of an early Muff-style circuit. The D&S offers ample gain, great note definition, and buffered bypass performance, and there's a broad tonal range available via the Distortion, Balance, and Tone controls.

Unlike the D&S II which lives more firmly in the Tube Screamer flavored overdrive world, the original D&S design has much more gain on tap, and this vintage Japanese-made pedal has a 100% original circuit, dark green enclosure with all silkscreened graphics intact, and a trio of original knobs.

The original box is included.