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1970s Maestro MFZ Vintage Op Amp Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal, Bob Moog


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Up for sale, a 1970's Maestro MFZ vintage fuzz in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Rather rare and only available from 1976-79, the MFZ was manufactured by parent company Norlin's independent electronics division (Norlin also being Gibson's parent company in this era). The MFZ's actual production was handled by Moog Music's Buffalo, NY factory, as Bob Moog was designing circuits for Maestro and headed Norlin's electronics division at this time.

Distinctly different in its design and tonal range than Maestro's FZ series Fuzz Tone pedals of the '60s which ran on germanium transistors, the MFZ is an op-amp based fuzz. Very much of its era and a commanding, ripping sounding pedal, there's a certain consistency in the way op amps create overdrive to draw parallels to the V4 and V5 Big Muff circuits which were also op amp driven.

This pedal is in excellent shape, with an imposing aluminum enclosure and large transparent Drive and Volume wheels that can be rolled with the foot. The entire enclosure is the stomp switch (you can't miss). The small foil "Axe Amp" sticker is intact on the back labeling the jacks, and even the often missing plastic battery compartment cover is present. The enclosure shows some requisite small paint chips on the edges, and is very well-kept overall.