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1970s Leslie Model 950 4x12 Rotating Speaker Cabinet w/ Deluxe Combo Preamp, Serviced & Near Mint


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Up for sale, a 1970's Leslie Model 950 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Extremely rare and produced in exceedingly small quantities, the 950 is absolutely a product of its time, standing a formidable 6ft tall, absolutely dwarfing an Ampeg 8x10 to provide a sense of scale.

The Leslie 950 is its own standalone amplifier with a built-in power amp and chrome-plated Leslie Deluxe Combo Preamp which connects via a multi-pin umbilical. Four cast frame Jensen 12" speakers sit behind rotating drums, pushing 200 solid state watts and offering a surprising amount of warmth and muscle. The psychedelic graphics on the drums (and the smaller graphics on the pinwheels in front of each drum) light up via blacklights present behind the aluminum-framed rails on the front of the cabinet, and the drums speed and blacklight intensity is sensitive to the dynamics of the signal passing through the cabinet. The three dimensional watery pulsations and warbles of a Leslie of any scale is an enviable sound, and via a unit with the sheer mass of the Model 950, it's absolutely wild to behold.

The amp has been professionally recapped as needed, with all contacts cleaned, and all switches engaging as they should. The preamp pedal has positively gleaming chrome plating, and the graphics on the 12" drums are nigh flawless. The cabinet is immaculate in its presentation, and even comes with its "cover," a thick baffle that locks in over the face of the cabinet and protects the drums, made of the same material (and thickness) as the enclosure itself.