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1970s Korg Stage Echo SE-500 Vintage Analog Tape Delay, Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1970s Korg Stage Echo SE-500 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. A delayed response (no pun intended) to the beloved Roland RE-201 Space Echo, the Korg Stage Echo SE-500 was introduced in 1977, replicating many of the RE-201’s key qualities with multiple tape head selection and XLR compatibility. A bit cleaner sounding than your typical tape echo, the signal has plenty of warmth and character, capable of a range of lush sounds from quick slaps, to spacey, elongated repeats, with a maximum delay time of 1.5 seconds.

The SE-500 features a dual-input design, with an independent Volume control for each, and -20/-35/-50 dB level toggles to further dial in the appropriate amount of dry signal volume. There are a pair of 600 ohm Balanced 0dB XLR input/output jacks, and a VU meter to display the input signal. The Output section offers a Direct/Echo out and a wet-only Echo output, with a Master -20/-35/-50 dB level toggle. The External Control section includes inputs for Effect, Feedback, and Speed controls. In the Echo section, three independent heads and a Long Delay can be independently selected or mixed-and-matched for a range of delay patterns, with a Cancel button to immediately disengage the heads. Additionally, the Sound on Sound buttons allows the SE-500 to function like a basic looper. Feedback and Speed knobs offer variable control for fine tuning, as well as the time warping alterations and endless oscillations inherent to tape echoes. Finally, there are Treble and Bass EQ mini knobs, and a Wet/Dry Direct/Echo Balance knob.

Brand new tape has been installed, and the heads have been cleaned for optimal, noise-free performance. Cosmetically, the original black tolex is notably clean, save for a scant few minor marks on the unit as a whole. The faceplate graphics are pristine, and all of the original knobs are present.