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1970s Korg Stage Echo SE-300 Vintage Analog Tape Delay & Reverb, Japan


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Up for sale, a late 1970's Korg Stage Echo SE-300 in excellent condition and in good working order, freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. A delayed response to the popular RE-201 Space Echo from Roland, the Korg Stage Echo SE-300 was introduced in 1978 at the tail end of the tape delay era, echoing many of the RE-201’s key qualities with a built-in spring reverb and multiple head selection. A bit cleaner sounding than your typical analog delay, the signal still evokes plenty of tape echo magic, and the unit is capable of a range of rich time-based sounds from quick slaps, to spacey, elongated repeats with a maximum delay time of 1.2 seconds.

Starting at the left of the control panel, a VU meter displays the input signal, with two separate inputs featuring individual Volume controls. In the Echo section, three different heads can be individually selected or mix-and-matched for a range of delay times, with a Cancel button to immediately disengage the heads. Feedback and Speed knobs offer variable control for fine tuning, as well as essential on-the-fly time warped moves and endless oscillations. The Reverb section has an Input Balance control, with a master on/off switch for the Reverb/Delay. A footswitch jack offers on/off remote control switching (footswitch not included). The master section features an Echo/Reverb Balance, Output Balance, and Treble and Bass controls. Outputs include Effect, a completely wet, effects-only signal, and a separate blended Direct/Effect signal out.

Cosmetically, the original black tolex covering is intact, with only very light edge wear. The faceplate graphics are pristine, and all of the original knobs are present.